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Suminder Virk

I began producing art, just after I finished college. My friend suggested that I try out painting and we spent a whole weekend painting together. I was hooked straight away.  What interested me most, and inspired me to pursue painting for the rest of my life, was the satisfaction I took in the physical process of creating a work of art. I have been painting ever since.

 Working with the materiality of paint has now become a crucial language through which I make sense of the world. Such physical engagement is important to me as greater portions of everyday life are digitised into immateriality and images increasingly replace the real. 

 Since that introduction to painting I have pursued my interests through completing a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art in 2007 and then Master’s in Fine Art in 2021 from Birmingham City University. 

 I have continued to work with abstraction and materiality, having been influenced by Mark Rothko, Sean Scully, and Howard Hodgkin. My  work examines the colours, textures, and sensations associated with urban life in both India and Britain. 


 Layering and scraping away paint on the canvas is an analogue of the long-term processes of the city. This focus on urban change and transient experience often means that the end result is less important than the transitions and changes the canvas experiences over time. 

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